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When happiness fades: the poop-out effect

“The medication doesn’t work anymore,” is a sentence I often hear. But why would your medication stop working? Is it even possible?

The answer is yes. Bacteria can get resistant against antibiotics and when we become addicted to something like painkillers, sleeping tablets, or alcohol, our body develops a tolerance for these and you find yourself in a situation where you require more in order  to obtain the same effect.

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“Time-out” for adults

In today’s rushed life if you’re not mindful of the fast pace of life and the pressure you encounter on a daily basis, you will most likely end up in the wilderness of burnout: a place of emotional exhaustion, disengagement, and decreased performance. A powerful way to avoid experiencing burnout is to practice good self-care regularly.

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When the house becomes silent

One of the most goose-bump moments in my practice was when a mom told me during a follow-up consultation that she heard her little girl laugh again. Only then did she realise how long the house had been silent.

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