How to cope with the unknown

Change is inevitable, yet we all fear it because we don’t know the outcome. We prefer to know, to find peace in the knowing, and as a result find it hard to move on when something comes to an end. We naturally reject uncertainty and are prone to be paralysed by our fear of the unknown, running various scenarios in our search for clarity, and end up with worry and anxiety, especially if the change is out of our control. For example, if you decide to move cities or start your own business, [...]

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The power of giving

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. (Winston Churchill) Powerful words by Churchill. And he is so right. By giving we unleash so much happiness in ourselves! At the start of 2021, I joined the worldwide Facebook post, whereby the first 5 people who shared my post and committed to paying it forward would receive a random gift from me throughout the year. I sent cupcakes to Gauteng and Durbanville, and coffee vouchers to Stellenbosch. I have no idea whether my 5 recipients actually [...]

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Unpack your emotional baggage

Emotional baggage is a collective term for all our unresolved past emotional experiences and issues, traumas, and stresses. We carry these experiences, inner criticisms, insecurities, deep (perhaps shameful) secrets, and past relationship pains, with us at all times, allowing these negative thoughts about our unresolved past to constantly occupy our minds and body. If not taken care of, emotional baggage can negatively impact: • the way you think about yourself (manifesting as resentment and self-loathing) • your physical well-being • how you react to stress • your relationships with others • decision-making • [...]

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