Unpack your emotional baggage

Emotional baggage is a collective term for all our unresolved past emotional experiences and issues, traumas, and stresses. We carry these experiences, inner criticisms, insecurities, deep (perhaps shameful) secrets, and past relationship pains, with us at all times, allowing these negative thoughts about our unresolved past to constantly occupy our minds and body. If not taken care of, emotional baggage can negatively impact: • the way you think about yourself (manifesting as resentment and self-loathing) • your physical well-being • how you react to stress • your relationships with others • decision-making • [...]

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Break your bad habit autopilot

Habits are incredibly positive – without them you would not be dressed by lunch time or drive yourself to work. They are our autopilots steering us day-to-day through activities that we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. This automation allows us to spare our cognitive muscles for those important decisions, plans and learning. Strong habits require very little, if any, of our conscious mind, allowing us to brush our teeth even if we’re half asleep! Habits become our routines essential to our physical and mental health, productivity or work/balance life. However, [...]

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