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Are you surviving, or thriving? Building your resilience.

2020…do we need to say more? COVID-19 has flipped our world up-side-down and changed a world that was safe, secure and known, even with all its life challenges, overnight to one of unfamiliarity, chaos and an enormous amount of discomfort and additional stressors.  The pandemic, and the significant impact it has had and continues to have, on all aspects of our lives, contributes to many feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. We have all had to adapt, at rapid speed, the past couple of months whilst facing adversity   – working from home, physical distancing, [...]

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CBD oil – be careful of this ‘wonder-drug’

Every time I read a Facebook post or a WhatsApp on a support group, where a mother asks where she can find CBD oil for her child with ADHD (or as a colleague of mine remarked “for everything from asthma to hemorrhoids”), I cringe. Not only do we see the devastating effects on individuals’ mental health in clinical practice which ranges from amotivational syndrome (similar to depression), mood disorders, cognitive difficulties (which can mimic ADHD), and even psychosis, but we, as psychiatrists, are also fully aware that there is no evidence for the [...]

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The many faces of bullying

25 November, the International day which marks the onset of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children. This worldwide campaign aims to raise awareness of the negative impact that violence and abuse have on women and children and to rid society of abuse permanently. However, the success of the campaign is dependent on our daily individual and collective actions to safeguard our society against the cycle of abuse.   What is abuse? Abuse is any form of behaviour that can instill fear in a victim, cause emotional, physical [...]

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