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Become unstuck!

By |January 29, 2024|Categories: Articles|

There are many things in my life that I am indecisive about, those which I deliberately avoid, procrastinate on and dread facing. But they all have one thing in common: they create a sense of being in limbo and feelings of being ‘stuck’. This stuckness can last for days, weeks, months or even years. For me it’s decluttering the hobby room, moving to a paperless practice, entering a marathon and registering for the course I have been interested in for a very long time. You might find yourself wanting to lose weight and although you know exactly what you should [...]

Shortage of ADHD medication is a real concern

By |November 30, 2023|Categories: Articles|

With the worldwide shortage of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medicines due to increased global demand and manufacturing problems, many patients and parents are feeling despondent in their unfruitful search for medication. At the moment, some methylphenidate and atomoxetine medications are affected, as well as all lisdexamphetamine and guanfacine. A study found that 10,936 caregivers and adults with ADHD, roughly 38% of all patients have had trouble finding and filling their prescription medication over the past year and 21% continue to experience treatment disruptions today. WATCH: The Myths of ADHD Although medical staff are trying their best, this global shortage is out [...]

Our stories become our truth

By |October 5, 2023|Categories: Articles|

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a conference where I was deeply moved by the inspiring keynote speakers who shared their journeys of conquering adversity and achieving remarkable success. However, amid the awe-inspiring narratives, I couldn't help but reflect on the countless untold stories of individuals who believe their own experiences are too ordinary or insignificant to share, or perhaps they simply lack an audience. Each one of us carries a unique story, regardless of how seemingly ordinary our lives may appear. These stories, whether we acknowledge them or not, play a pivotal role in shaping our identity, helping [...]

Creativity is not just child’s play

By |July 31, 2023|Categories: Articles|

As a child, we were creative for most parts of the day shaping clay, drawing, building forts, engaging in imaginative role-play with toys, and galloping around the house on pretend horses. Even as a teen, writing in a diary, starring in a school play, taking up photography, and all that daydreaming, we engaged in much-needed creative outlets. Adulthood, however, has stifled this spontaneous pull toward creativity. The mindless daily repetition of work, children, and families, commuting, endless chores and errands has left us rather wilted and faded our natural creativity. WATCH: The benefits of creativity But I can’t even draw [...]

Laying down the boxing gloves

By |May 30, 2023|Categories: Articles|

Conflict and disagreement are an inevitable part of any relationship. Two people with different backgrounds, personalities, perspectives, beliefs, experiences, and tastes can lead from minor everyday annoyances to serious relationship-crushing conflict. Disagreements, struggles and heated debates can be very stressful and become harmful when you feel that you are under attack and need to continuously defend yourself instead of focusing on solving the issue. WATCH: Having difficult conversations Common conflict stressors include: insecurity resentment financial and family responsibilities emotional stonewalling power and control selfishness criticism unreasonable expectations infidelity loss of passion an inability to regulate one’s own emotions (think about [...]

The past is the best teacher

By |April 28, 2023|Categories: Articles|

“Like sand on a beach, the brain bears the footprints of the decisions we have made, the skills we have learned, the actions we have taken” (Begley, 2007) We all have a past. Regardless of our memories of growing up, family structure and home life, or the challenges, traumas, and choices along the way, they have all left a few marks. Our past shapes us into the person that we are today and influences how we approach life. It is natural to use the past reflectively in guiding our decisions today and to think back with the warmth (or the [...]

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